Consumer Research Service and Shopper Insight Services

Everyone in this industry knows that 70 percent of purchase decisions are made at the shelf edge. But how do you know what triggers the customer to make a decision? Is it the packaging, the product info, the price, the presentation … or all of the above?

Our research services allow us to thoroughly understand your target audience and industry environment. Then we plug that in-depth knowledge into our proprietary Retail Science methodology and create solutions that noticeably impact your customers

Research Goals

All of our marketing solutions are grounded in unbiased market and consumer research. We find out the:

  • Trip Mission – where and why people shop
  • Purchase Cycle – how they shop
  • Purchase Barriers – what prevents them from buying

We want to know what motivates consumers, how they react to the retail experience and how they interact with your brand. Those insights help us develop solutions that give consumers what they need in order to inspire them to buy, buy more and become active brand advocates.

Ask the right questions. Listen to end users. That’s where consumer insights begin.

But we do more than just ask questions and listen. We do ongoing, independent research in the industries that form the core of our market expertise – transportation, cosmetics, consumer electronics and grocery – to stay on top of those markets. We also conduct custom research for clients to find solutions to specific needs they want solved.

Research Methods

Our research methods vary from project to project, depending on our client needs. Here are just some of the qualitative and quantitative research we can employ to develop solutions that impact your bottom line:

  • Store mapping, customer pathing and search patterns capture traffic patterns and measure dwell times.
  • Eye tracking, heat mapping and biometrics record exactly what consumers notice and fixate on.
  • Ethnography and consumer interviews uncover consumer intent and actions.
  • Surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews provide customer perceptions and insights, including recall testing, usability testing, competitive benchmarking and timed shopping missions.

InVision Retail Science Lab

Our InVision Retail Science Lab provides a unique-to-the-industry research lab and Computer Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) that enables you to experiment and test solutions in a state-of-the-art virtual environment. You can view how consumers will interact with a retail environment and then make any changes to the virtual environment without the cost of physically creating them.

Our industry and consumer research leads to solutions that bring clients measurable sales lift.

See for yourself in the solutions stories below:

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From start to finish, we have the experience and resources to provide you with consumer research services that lead to profitable solutions. Contact us to find out how our market and consumer research can help boost your profits.