Merchandising Display Installation, Management and Support

As more clients launch products and programs worldwide, DCI-Artform is one of the true global merchandising agencies with extensive experience in rolling out large, complex programs on a global scale. In the past 24 months, we have been responsible for managing a number of turnkey solutions from simple graphic updates in 23 different countries to comprehensive multi-material, retail environments in hundreds of retailers and thousands of doors worldwide.

Hands-on Experience

Our specialized installation teams combine more than 150 years of in-store merchandising and technical digital experience. Whether your marketing solution includes customized merchandising displays or a comprehensive digital system, we have installation specialists who will implement a flawless program rollout for you.

Team members have direct contact with clients and retailers and are well-versed in dealing with both the initial installation and ongoing service. We are your single point of contact that can:

  • Install your displays
  • Update and maintain them as needed
  • Keep track of spare parts, maintenance or technical support needed to keep merchandising displays operational and engaging for your customers

Technical Support

For digital solutions, such as our proprietary LiveGuide system, we can implement a flawless rollout as well as provide ongoing technical support for your complete system.

We help you develop an ongoing library of new content for your digital system so your customers continue to find your merchandising displays fresh and relevant to their needs. We push new content live for your special promotions, and we remove content automatically for time-sensitive promotions.


We give the same care to ensuring that any merchandising displays we create for you continue to look their best and work hard after years of service.

Retailers, merchandisers or sales staff can access personal accounts to order replacement parts from our proprietary Webstore interface. In addition, we maintain tracking and statistical information for you so we can share trends and make recommendations.

This saves you money, time and effort, and has proven so valuable to clients that we even stock non-DCI-Artform client brands and support our clients overseas with it.

Key features:

  • Real-time stock levels
  • Lead times where an item is in stock
  • Shipping and delivery information

Aftermarket – Refurbishment

Our Aftermarket department offers a refurbishment service, which provides precisely what you need to sustain and optimize your merchandising displays for the long term. We can arrange for units to be delivered directly to a DCI-Artform facility.

On arrival, the unit receives a “health check” assessment to determine the level of refurbishment it needs to meet the required appearance, as well as quality assurance for in-store installation.

Find Out More

Our installation and aftercare services keep your merchandising displays looking new and fresh to grab the attention of consumers and extend the longevity of your merchandising investment. Contact us to find out how our installation, service and support capabilities can help boost your profits.